Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Very Casual Bedspread

A Tee Shirt Bedspread
A king size bedspread made out of worn out Tee Shirts belonging to a friend and her dear husband. She messaged me one day saying she had a bunch of Tee shirts to give away. That's when I suggested a Tee shirt quilt or a bedspread. Well the rest is history and the out come is here for you to see.
The tee shirt bedspread is made out of several tee shirts. The upper portion is discarded, while the lower rectangular portion is used. This project is not for the faint hearted as the jersey material stretches and does cause a lot of agony while sewing. Can be tried by an advanced sewer who also has a lot of patience. Beautiful memory quilts can be made out of tee shirts that have been hoarded over the years.
A bunch of tee shirts:
Upper portion to be discarded for this project:
Lower rectangular portion to be used:
Each block sliced into half and rearranged:
A silk brocade strip added to join the two parts of the rectange:

Blocks completed with colourful borders and sashing:
The completed top hung on a high quilt rack:
The bedspread is complete:
The bedspread is all its glory on a king size bed:
The finished peice is 108"/100".I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. If you did leave me a comment. I have also added the follower button. Next blog post will be quilts made with baby onesies. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Very Formal Quilt

I have been hoarding my hubby's worn out formal trousers for a fairly long time now. I always loved the fabric it was made out of. Very high quality woollen, linen, cotton blend. Here in India the formals are really made of very good quality cotton and that's a reason why most of it is exported. Anyway I took them of 'THE TRUNK' (another post on it sometime) finally and the journey to give them a make over started. And boy o boy was I surprised. I used only 4 trousers to make a quilt of size 63" by 76". So I still have quite a few more trousers in my kitty and I have plans :).
So this is what it looked it when I began:
This is what it looked like all seams opened up:
This is what it looked like all chopped up:
This is what it looked with all pieces stitched up in strips:
This is what it looked all strips stitched up :
This is what it looked like all finished:
This is what it looked like in all its glory:
The finished piece is done without batting as it seemed heavy and warm enough. Now used as a guest bed cover. From discarded trash to a new treasure, the journey is complete my friend. What say!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

My First Quilt............. 'The Chick Quilt'

 My first quilt I made was for the second love of my life.( First one being obvious).

It is called "Spring Chick Cot Quilt" by Janet Goddard.

I must say that I was inspired by the group "Desi Quilters" very much. It is an Indian group that welcomes all from anywhere in the world, to share our joys and sorrows along with ofcourse quilting. Our love for quilts is what binds us together and makes us feel like friends and sisters, people whom we have grown to like and look forward to meeting soon in person.

Any way back to my project. I used fabric from stash. The original quilt was in bright yellow but since I did not have any, I used mustard instead. I did all the cutting with scissors as I did not own a mat and rotary cutter then. Plus I did want to know how it felt to do it with basic tools. Well to be honest it wasn't hard at all. ( I guess coz I haven't used the advanced toosl as yet, it's going back to basics that is difficult I think). There are six Chicks that are all machine appliqued. This is where I learnt my first machine appliqueing. It got better with each chick. A total of six blocks and the finished size is 38" by 52".

This one will always be special as it will always remain my first.So here it is the "Chick quilt".

Quilt Top
Here's a close up of a chick which is machine appliqued.

The completed quilt
Here's my sonny boy ready to claim his quilt.
And here he has claimed it.
This post is dedicated to lots more quilt to come.

A New Beginning !

Well I begin my new life in Bangalore with a new blog called "Indian Yards". New life coz there are literally many news. Sonny boy in a new school, dear hubby in a new company, settled in a new house and lastly a new interest called "quilting". So I begin this blog to document the many times when I rip fabric just to put it all back together in different permutations and combinations.
My journey with quilts has just started and I have a long way to go. It would be wise to document my trails and tribulations. Every quilt, every new tool, every fabric that I get home will share space here. So here's to me 'A very happy new year and a very many happier quilting times'.
So read and relate with me all you fellow quilters and hopefully the non quilters too.